About Us

About Us

Derreth Painter
ACCT Certified Thermographer

Early Detection is the KEY to Prevention!

The Thermography Centers of Fairfax advocates for early detection and prevention of diseases and other medical conditions by promoting medical thermal imaging and digital infrared thermal imaging, also known as DITI. Both medical imaging procedures are painless, safe, non-invasive scan procedures that use a thermal imaging to detect heat and inflammation in the body.


Thermography can be used as an adjunct to other forms of diagnostic testing such as mammograms, MRIs and CT scans. In many cases, thermal imaging can detect problems before the early stages of disease and disorder.


The Thermography Centers of Fairfax is certified by The American College of Clinical Thermology Inc. (ACCT) which is the fastest growing and pre-eminent professional organization dedicated to the advancement of thermology and thermography through education, research, and professional development.


At the Thermography Centers of Fairfax, we are passionate about awareness, early detection, education and prevention without exposure to radiation.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions! We are here to help you!