Thermography Screenings Can Be Helpful Between Mammograms

Thermography Screenings Can Be Helpful Between Mammograms

The realization was “earth-shattering,” and suddenly she couldn’t see straight. A colorful thermographic image confirmed Westhampton resident Jaimee Roncone’s fears — she had metastatic breast cancer.

Shortly before Halloween in 2016, Roncone underwent a double mastectomy surgery with reconstruction. For a while, she thought she was in the clear. But then last December, someone called from the hospital a few days after Christmas with bad news.

Her cancer wasn’t gone. It had metastasized in her hip bone.

“I’m 46. I have young children, this is when I’m supposed to be thriving,” Roncone said. “That all gets sidelined when you’re dealing with cancer. And it’s not just the treatment. The medications I’m on cause side effects — cognitive abilities, fatigue. You’re dealing with that every day.”

Roncone, a mother of two and owner of Healing Tree Health and Wellness Center in Easthampton, threw herself into treatment plans, both conventional and unconventional — oral chemotherapy, and one drug for osteoporosis and another to shut down her ovaries, coupled with acupuncture and infrared sauna and hypobaric chamber therapy for oxygen treatment.

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