Study Says Thermography Can Detect Cancer Much Earlier Than Mammography

theomography better than mammography

Study Says Thermography Can Detect Cancer Much Earlier Than Mammography

Breast cancer involves inflammatory processes and the mediators of this course release heat. Using thermographic techniques, the scanner is able to create a temperature map of your body that can illustrate the greater heat-producing areas clearly. This is how your doctor may be able to trace the abnormal cellular processes and by the help of which, further diagnostic procedures and course of the disease can be evaluated.

Thermography is able to detect cancer early because every cell in our body naturally gives off some small amount of metabolic heat that increases in temperature when an abnormal condition occurs. A thermographic camera is able to detect these natural heat that the body emits at a cellular level. It makes thermal imaging possible in that it’s able to detect abnormal activities five to eight years before a lump can be detected by mammography.

Read the full report from Science Times.

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