New Study Concludes Breast Cancer Drug Lapatinib Accelerates Cancer Cell Growth

New Study Concludes Breast Cancer Drug Lapatinib Accelerates Cancer Cell Growth

A shocking new report has revealed a sordid truth about yet another one of Big Pharma’s cancer “treatment” concoctions: Lapatinib, used in breast cancer treatment to shrink tumors, actually makes cancer grow faster. There is no shortage of cancer drugs that makes people sicker, instead of healthier, it seems.

Lapatanib is typically used in conjunction with other treatments and chemotherapy — but has failed clinical trials as a solo treatment method. Taken together, it’s hard not to ask, why are oncologists even prescribing this poison?

The latest research was led by scientists at the Francis Crick Institute in conjunction with King’s College London and Barts Cancer Institute of Queen Mary University of London. And what they found was that lapatinib feeds cancer cell growth in some types of breast cancer, instead of halting it.

The cancer ‘treatment’ that spurs cancer growth

The researchers say that lapatinib’s potential to cause accelerated cancer growth “may” explain why it did so poorly in clinical trials. While the drug may not always result in expedited cancer growth, the team found that lapatinib’s purported method of action is actually its undoing.

As sources explain, lapatinib is what’s known in the cancer industry as a “kinase inhibitor,” and its purpose is to “switch off” a protein called HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2). HER2 is responsible for encouraging cancer cells to grow and divide. Many cancer treatments (like lapatinib) work by turning off HER2 and thusly, telling cancer cells to stop growing or die. But, as the scientists now know, lapatinib doesn’t tell the cancer cells to die — it actually causes them to grow faster.

Read the full report from Natural News.

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