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Thermography Centers on WMAL’s Dr. Tom Roselle Live!

Visualizing Pain with Thermography (with Derreth Painter, ACCT Certified Thermographer) LISTEN to Dr. Tom Roselle, DC and Derreth Painter, ACCT Certified Thermographer discuss visualizing pain with thermography by detecting underlying inflammation and disease. You can tune into Dr. Tom Roselle Live! every SUNDAY on News Talk WMAL 105.9 FM at 11:00 AM  in Washington, DC, Maryland,

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Cameras That Measure Body Temp More Common At Businesses & Events

A new measure of defense against COVID-19 is coming to America. Thermal cameras monitoring your temperature when you enter a business. Having a fever is one symptom of COVID-19. At Martin Luther King, Junior Community Hospital in Los Angeles, an InVidTech thermal camera is already checking people’s body temperature. “The CDC recommended we screen everyone coming into the

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